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"To lead and not be led"

   where to lead means to continually being a leader, staying upfront while to be led means to follow others.


To be the country’s leading conglomerate with diverse businesses while consistently maintaining reliability, quality and sustaining a legacy of excellence in maximizing client’s experience and satisfaction.

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Consistently building a dynamic relationship and trust with clients and stakeholders by delivering results beyond expectation.

Creating a home-grown brand with global presence by widening market scope beyond the border of every corner.


Majestic Builders is a Group of Companies with well diversified businesses in property development, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, plantation and food and beverage (F&B) spearheading projects in Malaysia as well as overseas.

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About Our Company

Who We Are

Being a significant division of the Waz Lian Group, Majestic Builders is

as grandeur as the name suggests in terms of commitment, spirit and aspiration other than mere size.

Following great years of cementing its foundation and strengthening

its core business notably in land development and construction, it has managed to soar higher together with the Group’s other successful subdivisions and each of its business areas.


Year of Establishment

What We do

Our Projects

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